Mesenteric Panniculitis

Mesenteric panniculitis is a peculiar diseases classified as inflammation of the adipose tissue enclosing the mesenteric area .  This disorder is difficult to be diagnosed clinically. It’s presence can be identified through radiology department, by Magnetic resonance imaging.

It was first diagnosed and identified by  Jura, back in 1942 itself.

Mesenteric Panniculitis Symptoms

The symptoms vary from person to person, who are effected by Panniculitis, due to different types of a manifestations of the disease. Here are some of the most common symptoms observed in the patients.

  • Slight or Intense pain associated with the abdominal area (Intensity of pain differs, it may be absent as well).
  • Loss of hunger may be observed.
  • Sudden decrease in body weight.
  • Digestion problems may be observed.
  • Palpitations near the abdomen area.
  • Nausea and Sickness may be observed in some cases.

Mesenteric Panniculitis CT Study

We  evaluated the abdominopelvic CT scans of 1042 adult patients, studied and diagnosed over a period of 3 complete years. The results were evaluated both before Gastrographin was orally administered to cases and after administration.


  • Hyper-reduction of adipose tissue of the mesentery.
  • Nodules with radius less than 5mm.
  • Fat-halo was observed, surrounding the blood vessels and the fatty nodules.

These were the results observed commonly when it was administered to different age-groups.  These are just rough case study results, which excludes conditions with lesions, malignant inflammations.


The definite cause of this disease is still an open mystery for the medical world.  It is believed to be affect patients who  undergo surgery, tumors.

It may also be caused by diseases like Thyroid, inflammatory diseases associated with the abdominal area. Some other rare causes include Jaundice conditions, bile blockage or leakage, ulcers associated, cirrhosis.

 Mesenteric Panniculitis Treatment

There is no standard or approved form of treatment for this disease. Treatment differs from patient to patient, which is based on the intensity of the disorder. You need to consult a specialized doctor, before undergoing treatment.

Here are some of the common treatments generally prescribed.

  • Usage of Steroids, is one of the most commonly prescribed treatment for this disease.
  • Colchicine, Emblon, Azathioprine, progesterone, e.t.c are some of the common treatment methods for mesenteric Panniculitis.
  • Surgery is not recommended for chronic conditions, because it involves a lot of complications, which may also lead to death.
  • In the desperate condition, if the condition becomes fatal, surgery is prescribed as a last resort for recovery.

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