Kidney Pain Location – Location of Kidneys

It is important for you to know the complete details about the location of kidney pain and it’s symptoms because many people tend to confuse Kidney pain with back pain. Since most people aren’t aware of the exact location of kidneys they mistake kidney pain as back pain and ignore it which may lead to some complications

Kidney Stones Pain Location

Pain caused by a  Kidney disorder is felt in the area behind the kidneys. This may spread to the area  above your hips, in either side of the spine.

In most of the cases Kidney pain is located close to backpain affected area, this is where you may get confused. If you are a kidney stone patient, it is important to learn about the symptoms of Kidney pain so as to be able to it distinguish from back pain

Kidney Pain Symptoms

Here’s are a few common symptoms of Kidney disorders

  • Burning sensation and pain experienced during urination.
  • The irregular flow of urine, and the considerable decrease in the amount of urine.
  • The presence of blood in urine.
  • Increased pain when the area of the back over the kidneys is pushed.
  • Swelling and inflammation visible in this area (Location of Kidneys).

If you experience a considerable increase in urination and gradual nausea and vomiting, then the condition that you might be suffering from, could be a kidney stone disorder.

Kidney stone is a crystal like solid substance blocking up the urinary tract. Kidney stone pain location was also felt strongly in similar areas like the lower back, abdomen and groin regions as well.

Location of the Kidneys

To distinguish Kidney pain, you also need to consider having a look at human body anatomy.

Many people believe that the kidneys are only found in the lower abdomen. You should know that this is not entirely true, and should also be aware that the right kidney is positioned slightly lower than the left, due to the presence and shape of the liver.

This distortion makes it a little confusing to understand the exact location of Kidneys. The area where the kidneys are present is known as the “retroperitoneal cavity ‘, and this is just below the diaphragm.

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