Hymen Location- Broken Hymen

Hymen is a small thin membrane which partially covers the vaginal orifice. It is present at around 1-3 cm from the entrance of vagina. The opening of hymen layer gradually increases as you age.

Broken Hymen- Test for Virginity

It is a popular myth that’ hymen can only be broken through first sexual intercourse, which can be more or less painful. However, hymen also breaks during sporting activities like cycling, running, skipping, e.t.c and also during masturbation. Once they reach puberty, the hymen tends to become quite elastic.

Sexual Intercourse is  the most common way to break the hymen , although statistics show that only 43% of women have bleeding during the first intercourse.This means that in the other 57% of women ‘s hymen is  elastic enough to stretch and do not cause any pain or loss of blood during intercourse.

Where is the Hymen Located – Hymen Location

The exact location of hymen can’t be determined. It lies around 1-3 cm from vaginal opening. To examine your Hymen, just hold a mirror. Stretch the inner lips of your vagina, you should be able to see a membrane  right below the urethra

You would also be able to see different parts of your vagina like clitoris, urethra e.t.c

There are different types of Hymen.

Imperforate hymen membrane is condition where there is no opening in the layer. The patient will be required to undergo a minor surgery to currect the hymen otherwise it would a problem during menstruation

Cribriform hymen membrane is a condition in which there is a small, tiny opening in the hymen membrane

Septate hymen consists of various extra tissue layers in the vagina. It may cause problems and can be these extra unwanted tissues can be removed surgically. It is generally a few minutes procedure. No recovery period, there might be a little pain for 1-3 days

How to Reconstruct Broken/Torn Hymen

No matter how many breakthroughs and innovations have occurred in science and technology, there is is social evil haunting the society. Pure Hymen (Unbroken/Untorn) is considered a factor for virginity and purity. However they are not aware that Hymen can be torn during various physical activities other than sexual intercourse

Hymenorrhaphy/Hymenoplasty is the process of reconstructing torn hymen through advanced plastic surgical techniques. Mostly sexually assaulted women and  Some girls who lost their virginity before marriage may resort to hymen reconstruction . undergo this procedure

How to Naturally Rupture your Hymen Membrane

  • Extensive physical activity mainly cycling, athletics, jogging e.t.c
  • Inserting some object into vagina can tear your hymen membrane
  • Usage of Tampons regularly
  • Masturbation can tear/break the hymen. However through these methods, it cannot be easily torn

Facts and Myths about Hymen

There are some facts about Hymen membrane

  • Hymen is never an accurate check for virginity
  • Tampons, Sporting activity can be a cause for torn hymen (Rare case)
  • 0.1% females are born without Hymen membrane
  • Hymen membrane may not completely be torn in the first intercourse, if it elastic enough

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