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Hospital Management System

Different hospitals, clinics, labs, and others need an effective and reliable hospital management system that neatly maintains the details of the patients. It should help you maintain the list of prescriptions, test results, and other information of your patients. Billing, generating report and carrying out various tests of the patients is also their responsibility.

Such management systems are quite helpful to doctors and even for cancer hospital planning. They are able easily manage their databases and retrieve the required information whenever required. You can also use it for keeping a record of inventory supplies and accounts in hospitals. The management can choose the management tools that perfectly match their needs and requirements.

Before you place an order for the same, check the list of medicines, patients admitted every day or week, and other things. Such factors will help you in deciding the size of the database that will be suitable for your business. It is equally important to train your staff members to use automated management systems, so that they can effectively make the required entries and manage it efficiently.

Your job doesn’t merely end after it has been installed. It is necessary to check if it is performing as designed and a note should be made, if it has to be updated. During diagnose the patients might have to go through different test facilities like X-ray, urine, stool, gastro copy,  colonoscopy, blood, and biochemistry test. Based on the report, the doctors then recommend the best medicines that will cure their ailment.

Hospital management systems are very accurate and systematic

This program is integrated with various internal systems, which is indeed an advantage to the user. It helps them to keep record of everything in a systematic manner. All the data has to be saved in such a way that it is retrieved quickly, without any trouble. The standard of exactitude is very necessary.

It has to make sure that the prescriptions and operations are free from any errors. Everything has to be done correctly, as you cannot stake the patient’s life. Continue reading

How long does Alcohol stay in your Blood

Alcohol Consumption is mainstream in several countries. It is a part of several social communities. However, Driving while drunk is strictly prohibited. And before Blood, Urine test phases, you need to make sure there is no significant amount of Alcohol in your blood.

So you need to know How long Alcohol stay in your Blood, in order to estimate the time before you can drive legally.

How long does Alcohol stay in Blood

It varies from person to person. However, it approximately takes 1 Hour to break down 10ml of Alcohol in pure form. (1 Unit of Pure Spirit). However it varies based on several facts such as:-

  • Body mass index
  • Metabolism rate
  • Your Gender
  • Amount of Food you’ve consumed at that moment.
  • Your metabolic rate

Rate of Alcohol in Blood

You need always be aware of the amount of alcohol you’re taking in.  Consumption of excessive volumes could lead to intoxication, consequently resulting in loss of co-ordination, euphoria and ultimately death (For considerably higher volumes)

The maximum level allowed for driving in most of countries is 0.5 grams / liter. Professional drivers have a legal maximum of 0.3 g / l.  And in some countries, even 0.01 grams of alcohol is prohibited.

You can go into Coma state if the level is higher than 4 grams /liter. Only 10% of the alcohol roughly dissolves in your blood, while the remaining proportion evaporates through your breath. Continue reading

Hymen Location- Broken Hymen

Hymen is a small thin membrane which partially covers the vaginal orifice. It is present at around 1-3 cm from the entrance of vagina. The opening of hymen layer gradually increases as you age.

Broken Hymen- Test for Virginity

It is a popular myth that’ hymen can only be broken through first sexual intercourse, which can be more or less painful. However, hymen also breaks during sporting activities like cycling, running, skipping, e.t.c and also during masturbation. Once they reach puberty, the hymen tends to become quite elastic.

Sexual Intercourse is  the most common way to break the hymen , although statistics show that only 43% of women have bleeding during the first intercourse.This means that in the other 57% of women ‘s hymen is  elastic enough to stretch and do not cause any pain or loss of blood during intercourse.

Where is the Hymen Located – Hymen Location

The exact location of hymen can’t be determined. It lies around 1-3 cm from vaginal opening. To examine your Hymen, just hold a mirror. Stretch the inner lips of your vagina, you should be able to see a membrane  right below the urethra

You would also be able to see different parts of your vagina like clitoris, urethra e.t.c

There are different types of Hymen.

Imperforate hymen membrane is condition where there is no opening in the layer. The patient will be required to undergo a minor surgery to currect the hymen otherwise it would a problem during menstruation

Cribriform hymen membrane is a condition in which there is a small, tiny opening in the hymen membrane

Septate hymen consists of various extra tissue layers in the vagina. It may cause problems and can be these extra unwanted tissues can be removed surgically. It is generally a few minutes procedure. No recovery period, there might be a little pain for 1-3 days Continue reading