4 Myths about sleep to those who can stop ignoring

The popular knowledge is often an inexhaustible source of wisdom … until it reaches science and debunks some myths. As centuries ago stopped believing that the Earth was flat, there are some myths about sleep to which you can stop ignoring!

Myth # 1 “If you exercise before bed will cost you sleep.”

This is great news for busy people, the undecided and those who love to run in the light of the moon can now exercise before bed. Although doctors and sleep experts were against this idea, because the increase in adrenaline and heart rate could stay awake, actually there was a lot of hard evidence to support that theory.

myths about sleep

In early 2014, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) conducted a survey which revealed that people who exercise close to bedtime usually experience no differences in sleep quality compared with those who exercise earlier in the day. There is even evidence that gentle exercise such as walking, yoga, pilates and toning with weights before going to bed can help sleep, says H. Craig Heller, professor of biology at the School of Medicine, Stanford University. Continue reading

What is osteopetrosis?

There are certain diseases that have probably never heard of because they affect a small percentage of the population. However, it is good to be informed and know the most important data on them. Today we tell you what the osteopetrosis, what are its symptoms and treatment and who are the people who can have it.

The figures recorded on osteopetrosis indicate that 1 in 20 000 adults can have this disease. However in children is stranger, but can be lethal: 1 between 100,000 and 500,000. In adults it is a milder type of osteopetrosis and can be between 20 and 40 years old and rarely decreases life expectancy. Not so in the little ones.


Here we tell you what you have to know about this strange disease that affects children and adults.

Features osteopetrosis

Osteopetrosis is a congenital disorder in which bone structure throughout the body becomes progressively dense and brittle. Is the result of an imbalance between bone formation and destruction? Both processes are necessary for normal bone development. Continue reading

What nobody told you about weight loss?

There are issues arising from about weight loss which little is spoken; when a person has been dieting and slimming achieved his purpose about how many kilos, knows the benefits that this brings in several ways: from higher self-esteem, to the relief of possible health problems and even the probability of having a vision more positive in life. But that’s not all, there’s more…


This is quite common in people who had very overweight; some of them (a psychological level and ironically) still feels shame show that could not assimilate their new look. Over time, everything usually accommodated and gradually adapts person.

about weight loss

The sagging with the weight loss

Depending on the amount of kilos you have lost the old you and also the numbers of times you’ve gone up and lost weight throughout your life as a result suffer from sagging; this is when the skin hangs and becomes worse when you lose weight very quickly, because the body does not have time to go toning tissue naturally. Continue reading

7 Benefits of detox diet drinks

You can try many ways when it comes to losing weight, but I think that at least half of them are harmful to the body; so why not try to lose weight with healthy detox diet drinks? You might be surprised at the benefits!

1. The same weight for life

While we can vary in weight throughout our lives, what is reasonable is this fluctuates a moderate depending on age and the type of activity we undertake. However, when it comes to rely on external things to lose weight, we should avoid everything that is artificial as pills or stimulants.

detox diet drinks

2. Detoxification VS Exercise

Although it may sound contradictory, the truth is that it is not desirable to strive to be active while we are conducting a body detoxification. The reason is simple: your whole body is involved in removing wastes, which may feel low energy, something that the process will be reversed as soon as you finish. Continue reading

The 4 most common psychosomatic illnesses

Psychosomatic illnesses are common. While much is not spoken about it, much of the disorders suffer derived from a psychosomatic illness; and this is not unusual, it’s just a definition, as it only means that affect the body and mind.

What are psychosomatic illnesses?

The word comes from psychosomatic mind (psyche) and body. There are diseases that become serious because in stress and anxiety.

common psychosomatic illnesses

The mental part of the disease

There is always an aspect that has to do with the plays, and how each individual reacts to the same symptom. Two people may have the same condition and yet carry differently. For example, one can fall into depression and other feel it is not so serious. Continue reading

How to treat fever at home

Many people worry when body temperature rises. However, fever is not an enemy or a disease: it is simply a symptomatic manifestation of the fact that the patient is fighting a problem that often is infectious. Let’s see how to treat fever at home.

Phase 1: The Rise of fever

This is the first phase of the fever forehead is hot, however, the skin is still cold. During this phase are common chills and have very cold feet.

treat fever at home

Try to warm the body from the outside and from the inside. This can be done with a gradual warm bath, into the tub with water at a comfortable temperature and adding little by little to get a feel hot water heat. Leaving the bathroom is careful to avoid dizziness. Must be thoroughly dried and covered quickly. Continue reading

Healthy diet for pregnancy

If you are pregnant and have questions about what kind of food is the most complete for you and for the proper development of the baby, here are a few ideas on nutrients that you introduce into your diet and what foods you can find. Finding the right balance between healthy food and proper weight gain is possible. You’ll have to try to get into the habit, from the first trimester of a healthy diet for pregnancy.

Nutrient-rich foods for pregnant

The human body needs nutrients to stay healthy and get different food. Since pregnancy is a special time when the woman has to pay special attention to your health, it is important that you include in your diet foods that contain nutrients.

pregnancy diet

Nutrients are divided into five groups. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals to ensure the necessary nutrients in your diet healthy pregnant you will have to include foods that belong to these groups: Continue reading

Tips to avoid belching

Have you felt the need to burp while you are surrounded by people? Belching is not a contagious disease or anything, but good rules of courtesy in many societies indicate that the reaction of our body should be avoided in public. Here we give you some tips to avoid belching and an embarrassing moment.

Stop smoking

When inhaled smoke a cigarette, not only enters our body smoke but also extra air that you will eventually have to leave, provoking belching that could become chronic.

avoid belching

Hold your breath

It is proved that liberate your little burping, especially if you tend to do after eating, will bring a chain reaction repeated belching. It is best to try to contain them, this way if you release the gas through the mouth, will lose only one (strong but one). Continue reading

10 best and 10 worst fruits for health

“You have to eat fruits”; this is a universal truth. And these foods provide us with a broad spectrum of vitamins and other essential nutrients we need to preserve our health. But not all fruits are equal; some contain more calories and sugar than others.

This does not mean we should stop to enjoy them. However, it is always good and advisable to know exactly what we’re bringing to the mouth. So make yourself comfortable and join us in this adventure fruit: today we will know the 10 best and 10 worst fruit for health.

worst fruits for Health

No. 1 Best

Let’s start with the positive. Fruits that will expose you below are the healthiest -not are so calorie or sugar-containing much. Also are loaded with antioxidants and help prevent cancer. So you can eat as often as you like. Want to know what? Let’s go to the next page! Continue reading

Debunking myths about mental health

Do you think that mental health problems are rare? Do you think that if you cannot handle your own problems mean you’re weak? Are you afraid that if you go to a psychologist will think you’re crazy?

So you believe in some of the most common myths about mental problems. To break free of it, read the following article and share it with family and friends. Because to get the word out about these Debunking myths, we could help reduce misunderstandings about mental disorders that seem so prevalent in our society today.

mental health

1. Mental health problems are rare

In fact, mental health problems are common, since according to the National Institute of Mental Health nearly 1 in 5 Americans have a diagnosable mental disorder in their lives. Continue reading